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2107 Reaves Drive Addition

2107 Reaves Drive Front
The house is located in the trendy Five Points area of Raleigh. The area consists of a mixture of home styles built from the 1920s to 1960s. Replacing older, smaller homes with larger new construction is a common practice that threatens the scale and character of the neighborhood. The subject home was built in 1950 and expanded in 1960 when a second story was added. The house sits on a .26 acre lot with mature trees and perimeter planting beds. The 1,890 square foot home was purchased for renovation in 2005 by a professional couple.

2107 Reaves Drive site plan
Site plan
2107 Reaves Drive existing floor plan
Existing floor plan
2107 Reaves Drive new floor plan
New floor plan
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The renovation had several goals:

  • Keep the exterior of the house in character and scale with the neighborhood.
  • Create a single story living space.
  • Create an open floor plan for living that overlooks the backyard and provides space for entertaining.
  • Create new kitchen / den area for living, entertaining.
  • Provide a separate master suite on the first floor.
  • Provide studio space.

    The clients were satisfied with the front portion but not the back half of the existing house. The design solution was to demolish the back half of the house and roof. The existing front slope of the roof was retained to the ridge, and the additional square footage was added to the back of the house in such a way that the roof line was extended to encompass the new space. The simple larger gable form is consistent with other houses in the neighborhood. The floor plan divides along the long axis of the house, with one side consisting of an open plan including the living, dining, kitchen and den. On the other side is a study, powder room and a separate master suite. The open plan starts at the front door with a clear view, through the house, into the back yard. The design is inviting and provides several places to gather and entertain. The back side of the house is filled with windows that overlook the deck and backyard.

    The exterior of the house maintains a traditional look with the gable form, plank siding, double hung windows, casement windows and asphalt shingle roof.
    2107 Reaves Drive Existing East Elevation
    Existing East Elevation
    2107 Reaves Drive Existing West Elevation
    Existing West Elevation
    2107 Reaves Drive East Elevation
    East Elevation
    2107 Reaves Drive West Elevation
    West Elevation
    2107 Reaves Drive Den/Kitchen
    2107 Reaves Drive Dining Room
    Dining Room
    2107 Reaves Drive Living Room
    Living Room